Admission Procedure


 According to the letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated November 3, 2020, due to quarantine restrictions and the epidemiological situation, the terms of enrollment of foreigners to higher education institutions of Ukraine in 2020/2021 academic year were extended twice a year: until December 15, 2020 and until April 15, 2021.


Training of foreigners and stateless persons is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the legal status of foreigners" № 938-VIII of January 26, 2016 <>, Verkhovna Rada Gazette, 2016, Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 26.02.93 № 136 "On training foreign citizens in Ukraine" and as of 05.08.98 № 1238 "On approval of Regulations on admission of foreigners and stateless persons to higher education institutions".

Foreign citizens are enrolled to the Academy based on the results of the entrance tests in Russian, Ukrainian and English (scientific style of speech), Biology and Physics.

* Deadlines for submission of documents* 

  • - twice a year, before and at the beginning of academic semesters (until November 1 and until March 1, respectively): to obtain a Junior Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor's degree, master’s degree (educational and qualification level of junior specialist, specialist);
  • - during the year for doctorate, post-doctorate, clinical residency, according to the programs of the pre-university course and academic mobility programs.


To get invitation for study foreign citizens have to submit the following documents:

  1. Completed Application form;
  2. A copy of the first page of the passport with a notarized translation into Ukrainian;
  3. A copy of the document on the previous level of education with a notarized translation into Ukrainian;
  4. A copy of the academic transcript with grades (diploma or certificate of the school / college) with a notarized translation into Ukrainian;
  5. Consent to personal data collecting and processing;
  6. Power of attorney with a notarized translation into Ukrainian. This paragraph is valid if the citizen does not submit the document in person. Copy of the authorized representative’s passport.


The foreigner attaches the following documents to the application written request:

  1. A document (original and its copy) on the previously obtained educational (educational-qualification) level, on the basis of which the admission is made;
  2. Academic transcript (original and its copy) to the document on the previously obtained educational (educational-qualification) level, on the basis of which the entry is made (if any);
  3. Academic Reference issued by a foreign / Ukrainian educational institution (in case of transfer or renewal to study, starting from the second year, academic reference is attached);
  4. The original and a copy of the document, which contains information about the content of the curriculum at the previous grade (level) of higher education, credits, duration of study and academic success when enrolling to Master's degree course or postgraduate education;
  5. A copy of a passport document of a foreigner or a document certifying a stateless person;
  6. Health insurance policy, unless otherwise provided by international agreements of Ukraine;
  7. 4 photos measuring 30 x 40 mm;
  8. A copy of the certificate of a foreign Ukrainian.