Membership in international organizations

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International Association of Universities (IAU);

The International Association of Universities was founded in 1950 with the support of UNESCO. It is a worldwide association working in the field of higher education. The association includes universities and organizations from more than 150 countries. The association also cooperates with other international, regional and national structures that are also involved in education. The Association aims to develop the principles of freedom and justice, human dignity and solidarity in educational activities and in the field of science, as well as to promote (through international cooperation) the improvement of higher education in general.

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The benefits of membership in the association include:

  • access to LEADHER programme grants (Leadership Development Program for Higher Education Reform);
  • the opportunity to receive the IAU/ Palgrave award in the field of higher education policy research;
  • the right to participate in voting during the election of the president of the association and members of the board;
  • opportunity to get a discount on participation in conferences;
  • free access to scientific articles and reports on IAU activities.

European Universities Association (EUA);

The EUA has more than 850 members in 47 countries and is the largest and most comprehensive organization representing universities in Europe. As a representative of European universities, the EUA supports the interests of individual institutions and the higher education sector as a whole.

The EUA provides members with a unique opportunity to influence and shape European policies and initiatives that affect higher education and scientific researches. In its work and contacts with the European Commission, Parliament and other key institutions, the EUA ensures that the interests and concerns of universities are taken into account with all key parties.

As a representative of European universities, the EUA promotes global partnerships through a dialogue and projects and ensures the presence of European universities around the world.

Becoming a member of the EUA, the organization or association receives the following benefits:

  • Education Area and the development of science and technology policy;
  • is invited to the EUA Annual Conferences and a wide range of thematic events with renowned European and international scholars;
  • is invited to participate in projects and research, has the opportunity to participate in seminars and workshops, as well as in all types of corporate events;
  • has the opportunity to participate in the exchange of views with colleagues and leading experts on the latest trends and best practices in various fields;
  • has the opportunity to subscribe to regular publications, reports and analyzes of key research in higher education;
  • has the right to membership in the Council on the Defence of Doctoral Theses of the European Universities Association (EUA Council for Doctoral Education);
  • has the opportunity to register - at a reduced price - for evaluation by the Institutional Evaluation Programme

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Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE);

The Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) was founded in 1979 as AMDE (Association of Deans of Medical Schools in Europe) to create a forum for medical schools and faculties within the European Union and other European countries to establish contacts and exchange information. The aim of the Association is to stimulate and develop cooperation between medical schools and faculties in Europe, and to develop their links with other professional, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the fields of education, academic management, medical researches and health care. To achieve this goal, "Medical Schools", "Medical Faculties" and "Medical Universities" AMSE are considered to be equal.

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International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA).

For more than 60 years, IFMSA has existed and managed medical students around the world. The International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA) was founded in 1951. It is the world’s oldest and largest independent organization representing medical student associations internationally. IFMSA is recognized as a non-governmental organization within the United Nations system and the World Health Organization, and cooperates with the World Medical Association.

The main activities of IFMSA are international clinical and scientific exchanges of medical students and interns.

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